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  Do-it-yourself security systems are generally easy to install, often requiring just a few hours to read the manual and place your sensors.

Mobile Phone APP Bluetooth WiFi Wireless Smart Electronic Door Lock+2 Key
This product is a door lock that can be opened by mobile phone APP, a mobile phone APP controls a lot of door locks while retaining the password, mechanical key backup function, powerful, easy to install, suitable for rental rooms, apartments, and other places. This product is a Bluetooth door lock for mobile phone. An APP controls many door locks while retaining the functions of password and mechanical key spare.
With a WiFi gateway, the connection between cloud network and door lock can be realized, and an intelligent door lock can be controlled remotely by mobile phone through a cloud network. A gateway can configure multiple intelligent door locks.
Powerful, easy to install, suitable for rental housing, apartments, and other places.
Main parameter : 
A variety of unlocking methods: Password + Bluetooth phone                                                                       + key, Cloud network remote unlock
                                                                     Password user: One administrator password, Unlimited                                                                               temporary password (7-8 digit password)
                                                                     Phone system Android 4.3 / IOS 7.0 or later
                                                                     Power Requirement:4 AA Alkaline Batteries(Not included)
                                                                     Material: Zinc Alloy, Touch Screen Acrylic
                                                                     Deadbolt material: stainless steel
                                                                     Door lock surface: Brushed nickel
                                                                     Low battery tips: 4.8V low voltage alarm(However, you can                                                                         continue to use 200 times)
                                                                     Automatically locked: You can set the closing time
                                                                     Backup power: 9V standby power supply
                                                                     Opening mode:
                                                                     WIFI + Bluetooth + Password + Standby Key


433MHZ USB WiFi Home Burglar Security Alarm System PIR Motion Detector
One key automatic matching and automatic identification of peripheral detector names.
Support to control the opening and closing of wireless sockets.
Support time cloth withdrawing function.
Support the alarm time setting.
Support volume recognition (when pets interfere, no false positives, etc.)
Support for iPhone mobile phone system operation and installation system operation
Package Content: 
1 X Host
1 X Gate Magnetism
1 X Remote Control 
1 X CT60 Anti Pet Infrared Detector
                                                                  1 X USB Charging Line
                                                                  1 X Manual
Add a Panoramic View Home Security Camera Clever WiFi Monitor For Smart phones

180-degree panorama, at home, to see the whole picture, no need to rotate the camera, monitor no dead angle.
professional fisheye lens, 1.44 mm lens, 1/4 COMS sensor, panoramic view, clear and bright.
support infrared night vision, support real-time video, the maximum 128 GB memory card records, automatic coverage, always view video playback.
real-time two-way voice calls, gently hold the call button and then talk with your family in real-time.
Package Content: 
1* camera
1* data cable
1* charging head
1* specification
1* installation tool