Entertainment Package $55.00 Mo For 4 Rooms
Over 155 + Channels

The perfect package for casual sports fans looking for major sports broadcasts on the networks and a few full-time sports channels. Plus, now watch live sports in stunning clarity with the first-ever live 4K channel.
Premiums included for first 3 months at no extra cost  3 months at no extra cost.
Channels Names
Information Channel                            Bloomberg TV                                GSN
AUDIENCE Network                              CNBC                                              Gemporia
ESPN 3D                                                Fox News Channel                         GOD TV
CNN                                                       Weather Channel                           Hall Movie & Mysteries
Headline News                                     Gold Eagle Broadcast                     Investigation Discovery
ESPN                                                     Inspiration Network                      Liquidation Channel 
GEM NET                                               Jewish Life TV                                MavTV
ESPN2                                                   World Harvest                                MTV2
MHZ Worldwide                                    Hope Channel                                 National Geographic
HGTV                                                     Daystar                                           Nick Jr
Food Network                                       EWTN                                              NRB
HSN                                                       Church Channel                              Ovation
USA Network                                        TBN                                                 PBS HD 
TNT                                                        Word Network                               Prusuit Channel
TBS Comedy Central                             BYU TV                                           QVC Plus
Lifetime                                                 Link TV                                           Reelz
A&E                                                        CTN                                                RFD TV
History Channel                                     TCT                                                SpikeTV    
 TV Land                                                 TCM                                               SyFy                                                                                                                      Univision 
Discoverty Int.                                      NRB Network                                Viceland                               
TV Guide                                                V-ME                                              Velocity QVC                                                        ONCE                                             Uplift
Discovery                                               Enlace Christian TV                      Weather Nation 
Learning Channel                                  HITN                                              WE
HD Theater                                            SONIC TAP MUSIC CHANNELS   
Nasa Channel                                                      
Disney(E)                                               AMC                                        
Disney(W)                                              AAN
Cartoon Channel(E)                               Animal Planet
Cartoon Channel(W)                              AXS TV
Nickeldeon/Nick at Nite(E)                   Babyfirst TV
Nickeldeon/Nick at Nite(W)                  BBC America
HDNet                                                     Bravo
ABC Family Channel                               Canal Once
Hallmark Channel                                   CSN
JTV                                                          Directv SportsMix 
ShopNBC                                                 DisneyJr
Great American Country                        DisneyHD
CMT                                                         Entertainment TV
BET                                                          ETV
MTV                                                         Evine
VH!                                                          FoxSport1
Free Speech TV                                       Free Form 
C-Span                                                    Galavision
C-Span2                                                GEB America